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Need to Lift or Move Equipment?

We have cranes and picker trucks.

Equipment in Drumheller for Southern Alberta

Grant's Oilfield Services Inc. specializes in oilfield services, including crane and pickers, oilfield maintenance, Pumpjack Inspections from crib base to start up and balancing, mowing, and snow removal.


Contact us for information about our hotshot services and oilfield hauling. 

Pickers & Cranes

1 & 2 Ton Picker Trucks - Fully Equipped

20 Ton Knuckle

40 Ton Knuckle

30, 40 & 45 Ton Stiff Booms



Dump trailers

Pipe trailers

Scissorneck — lowboy — intermediate roll

Additional Equipment

Reverse jib (weight 3,500)

Berth jib (weight 10,000)


16,800 eight-ton spreader bar

Air compressor on trailer with hoses


Portable Sand blasting

ABSA QC Services

Backhoe, Bobcat with Accessories

Tractor with seasonal attachments

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